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Fully automatic well-shaped two-way splitter - (on-line) - YSV-5A

Equipment Profile:

Yushuli well-shaped bi-directional splitter is a double splitter equipped with horizontal and vertical splitters. It solves the problem of bi-directional well-shaped product splitting. For well-shaped products, barrel lamp boards and other products, the horizontal and vertical splitting is carried out at one time on a single device, which saves time and labor, and the surface of the broken plate is smooth and burr-free. For the market splitter can only be one-way splitting, there is no real solution to the well-shaped product splitting, while the well-shaped splitter perfectly solves the two-way splitting without manual secondary machine splitting.

Functional features: Features

A. The dividing board of well-shaped products.

B. Demands for horizontal and vertical splitting can also be distributed

C. Docking the upper and lower plate machine can realize full-automatic production and save labor.

D. Simple training can be mastered, and ordinary staff can be used after simple training.

E. Unique new tool design, durability should be increased by 1.5-2 times.

F. The machine can realize rapid type change and modular type change.

G. Safety: Light screen induction safety device to ensure safe production.点击打开链接

1. YSV-5A well-shaped plate splitter is a double plate splitter equipped with horizontal and vertical plates to solve the problem of two-way well-shaped product plate splitting.

2. High degree of automation, before and after docking with other equipment, can realize unmanned, save labor.

3. The equipment can be changed quickly with touch screen data operation. The back-end partition board has been modularized. It takes only 10 minutes to change the type, and the PLC data can be stored in less than 100 groups.

4. Equipment can also choose one-way product partitioning board, horizontal and vertical partitioning board can be completed in the touch screen of equipment, more intelligent.

5. Optional vacuum cleaner;

Specification Paramete

Name jigsaw splitter

1) Shape size L/W/H 1250 (1 560) mm x 800 mm x 1295 mm

2) Tool Size Round Knife 680 $60 Straight Knife 356X43.5X6

3) Tool material imported high-quality high-speed steel

4) Tool Brand COB

5) Plate width 12 mm (whole board 300 mm)

6) Stepping motor/servo of driving system motor (optional)

7) Splitting speed 300-500/s

8) Parting type V-CUT well-shaped products in both directions and V-CUT products in one direction

9) One third of V-CUT thickness

10) Working Pressure 0.5-0.8 MPa

11) Operating voltage 220V/110V is optional

12) Equipment power 300 Kw (excluding vacuum cleaner)

13) The weight of the machine is about 300 kg.

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